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Hydra Needle -

No Needle Meso Gun For Skin Rejuvenation

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Item No Needle Meso Gun
Voltage  AC 110-220V/50-60Hz
Speed 5 levels
Front up button  Syringe propeller button (auto /normal mode)
Front down button  Putter screw back button
Speed button  Power/speed adjust button
Packing 12*32*22cm, 2kg

The use of extremely fine needles on the wafer penetrates the barrier layer(cuticle) of the human body surface, in the area of square millimeter The epidermis to open millions of channels without destroying the skin epidermis, so that the active ingredients of the nutrient solution effectively penetrate the skin, to stimulate bone collagen hyperplasia and cell regeneration, repair aging cells So as to achieve the reduction of wrinkles, treatment of scar and stretch marks, skin whitening, reduce pigmentation, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue and other effects. Vanadium and titanium needleless light using negative pressure multi-external skin dermis into the body due to aging loss of hyaluronic acid collagen, endotoxin PRP autologous cells and other high-end injection products, so that the skin absorb and store their own weight of 1000 times the water copies wake up the cell regeneration function, reproduce the skin to repair the skin with fracture, in a short period of time to enhance the shape of smooth and smooth elastic skin.


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