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Specialized in Skin Roller, Dermaroller, Microneedle Roller, Dermapen, Microneedling Pen has been designing and manufacturing derma roller system over 8 years. We are specialized in the manufacture and export of microneedle roller, dermaroller, skin roller, microneedling pen, derma rollers, derma rolling system, dermapen for microneedling therapy and collagen induction therapy etc. DermaRollingSystem maintains a strict standard in producing beauty equipments including exterior design, hard & soft ware debugging, products assembly, products test and packing. We provide our customers with premium service and excellent design technology, superior quality, punctual consignment and good after-sales service.

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Titanium Needles Derma Stamp With 5ml Serum 01

Hydra Needle Derma Stamp with 5 ml Serum Applicator

24K Gold Plated Derma Stamp device is an essential antiaging skin tool. Non invasive and easy to use, device. You can perform your antiaging, face, neck, or scalp treatment at home. Personalized your treatment with your meso serum to fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, puffiness, dark circle, dark spot, acne scars. Get your 24k gold aqua stamp […]
Automatic Hydra Needle 20 bottle Aqua Micro Channel Mesotherapy Gold Needle Fine Touch System derma stamp 05

Hydra Needle 20 Titanium Needle Serum Applicator

This small device used by dermatologists increases how much serum you absorb by 80%, so you can remove acne scars, discolouration and wrinkles without waiting months for your serums to work. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a professional treatment that comes with no pain, no downtime and great results. Why this device is essential […]
Hydra Needle 20 Pins Microneedle Serum Applicator Derma Needles Skin Care MESOTHERAPY 0.25mm:0.5mm:0.6mm:1.0mm:1.5mm 03

How to Use Hydra Needle?

There are various tools used by both cosmetic practices and DIY users to perform microneedling, but the Hydra Needle offers something more. Compared to other microneedling devices like the derma roller, derma pen, and other related products that puncture microchannels in the skin to trigger its natural healing response, Hydra Needle units are fitted with […]
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