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DermaRollingSystem.com has been designing and manufacturing derma roller system over 8 years. We are specialized in the manufacture and export of microneedle roller, dermaroller, skin roller, microneedling pen, derma rollers, derma rolling system, dermapen for microneedling therapy and collagen induction therapy etc. DermaRollingSystem maintains a strict standard in producing beauty equipments including exterior design, hard & soft ware debugging, products assembly, products test and packing. We provide our customers with premium service and excellent design technology, superior quality, punctual consignment and good after-sales service.

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EMS RF Mirconeedling Mesotherapy Gun

RF Mesogun Principle RF mesogun uses the Israeli 4Mhz dual-core RF module technology. the microstalline probe and the machine body can seperate into 2 parts and definitely insulated. Combing the two side RF module of the probe,it can consistently maintain RF out put of biopolar module.Combining the meso products and the hollow needle operating at […]
Prp Mesotherapy Gun U255 For Skin Lifting 04

Prp Mesotherapy Gun U255 For Skin Lifting

Mesotherapy is the latest breakthrough for spot weight reduction, body-sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation. Mesotherapy involves painless microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medication and/or vitamins into the skin achieving a desired therapeutic result. Mesotherapy originated from switzerland ,is performed for obesity, plastic surgery and pain-care in many countries actively injecting small amount of medicine […]
Dr pen M8S Electric Derma Pen 02

Smart Microneedling Mesotherapy Derma Pen Dr.Pen M8S

Product name Dr.pen Ultima M8s Voltage 5V, 110-220V Power mode Wireless or wired type Battery Built-in Adapter US/EU/UK/AU Needle length 0-2.5mm Adjustable Speed control 6 Level How Derma pen work? The Derma pen is an automated micro-needling device with a disposable tip cartridge that is made up of 12 micro-needles, which uses proprietary technology to […]
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