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Wireless Micro Derma Stamp Water Injection Derma Pen Beauty Mesotherapy Gun Dermapen DP18


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2 in 1nano meso injector and dermapen microneedle pen mesogun

1. The needle should not be pressed too hard on the skin, no need to lift the suspension by hand, according to the facial arc intelligent turning to fit, so as not to be in the process of sliding Causes scratches.
2. The facial and needle of the guests must be wiped and disinfected with normal saline. Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to avoid the use of such disinfection. Allergy.
3. Operating time is normally 15-20 minutes for half face, 30-40 minutes for full face, strengthen operation for 40-60 minutes. If the skin is thin and sensitive Skin conditions should reduce operating time.
4. The skin redness is a normal phenomenon after the operation and after the operation, the general mask can be eased after the mask.
5. The use of vanadium and titanium microcrystals must be carefully studied and conducted under the guidance of professionals.
6. Disabled for allergy.
7.7-15 days to do once, 6 times for a course of treatment. You can increase the number of use according to the actual situation of the client. Pregnant women, bleeding disorders, immunity Defects, heart, liver and kidney dysfunction, allergies, severe heart rhythm can not be done.


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