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Silicone Massage Roller | Dr. Roller Massage Roller

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Dr. Roller Massage Roller Description
Dr. Roller Silicone Massage Roller use environmental ABS and Silicone material, and each head has 144 big silicone floating points outside. It’s effective for your skin relax including eye, black eye-bag, face, arm, leg, feet, chest and Waist.It also use with serum or oil together for body massage.

Silicone Massage Roller is healthy for your eye treatment, when after stay up or hard work on computer or phone, our silicone massager roller will reduce your eyestrain.
Silicone Massager Roller will reduce your muscle soreness on arm, leg, waist
Silicone Massager Roller will make your face relax after washing or before sleeping.
Silicone Massager Roller will relax your feet and leg after long time walking.
Best Spa Used with essential oil rolling on the wholesale face and body.

The product is widely used in skin relax and reducing the soreness on the whole body.
Roll and massage your skin without any chemical products.
The roller is easy to carry for its unique design and the handle is very sturdy and non-slip.
The massage roller can use with essential oil together for whole body massage.
Promote blood circulation and speed up the metabolism to activate the cell activity.

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