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Hydra Needle -

0.3 Ampoule For Hyaluronic Injection Pen

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Model name hyaluron pen ampoule
Feature Wrinkle Remover, Skin Tightening
Warranty 1 Year
Injection Volume 0.05ml~0.3ml
Packing Size 8.2*6.6*3.2 cm
Certification ce
Application For Commercial
Weight 40g

What is hyaluronic pen?
Spring and piston, which allow, under pressure, quickly and evenly inject drugs under the skin through a hole with a diameter of 0.17 mm, which is two times smaller than the needle thickness for injection!

With the help of the energy of mechanical action, the spring and the special piston in the apparatus allow, under pressure, quickly but gently pushing the drug stream through a microscopic hole into the subcutaneous tissue.

Drugs are absorbed much better and faster than with the introduction of a needle, which was confirmed in a series of studies and tests conducted in different countries of the world.

The ideal solution for those prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

What does hyaluronic pen ampoule 0.3ml do for you?
-Skin rejuvenation ,wrinkle removal and pigmentation removal
-Skin tightening,Enhance skin metabolism, anti-aging
-Activation of collagen cells, enhancing skin elasticity and gloss
-Remove facial fine lines and crow’s feet, plain word lines ,etc.

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