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Soicy S30 Ice Roller W+V Shaped ICE Wheel For Ice Treatment 10 Pieces


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Have you ever tried icing your skin? It’s actually a beauty hack. Many people use cold therapy in hopes that it will decrease puffiness and help reduce large pores. If you’re interested in seeing what ice can do for your skin, an ice roller makes it simple. You don’t have to try to hang onto a slippery ice cube or freeze your fingers. You simply store your ice roller in the freezer and pull it out when it’s time to use it. To help you get started with a convenient way to ice your face, here are a few of the best ice rollers.

Soicy S30 ice derma roller device features
1. Soicy S30NEW is a brand new ice derma roller.
2. Safety & healthy filling material.
3. No needle derma roller for skin care.
4. Without any side effects beauty tools.
5. ICE roller with 2 roller heads: W+V shaped ICE wheel

Shrink pore
Relieves fatigue
Calms the skin
Relax sore muscle
Oxygenate the skin
Reduce redness & inflammation

Latest fashion soicy ice roller with 2 roller heads: W+V shaped ICE wheel

W-shaped massage ice treatment + V-shaped lifting and shaping ice treatment:
The W-shaped roller head design can increase the massage effect of the roller on the skin while icing, and can achieve the dual
effect of ice compress and massage to relieve the skin at the same time.
The V-shaped wheel head is mainly aimed at the lifting and shaping of the jaw line and local parts while icing.

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