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Electric Micro Needles Pen | Vibrating Derma Pen DP01


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Rechargeable Vibrating Derma Rolling System Derma Pen Electric Micro Needles Pen

Derma pen is automatic and rechargeable.You needn,t to buy a new one every time.Just replace the needle.Needle length is adjustable from 0.25mm to 2mm according to the areas and purposes of the therapy.It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eye or mouth.Also,the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.

Product Name:Derma pen
Model name: DP15
Power Supply: Rechargeable
Adapter :4.2v-500MA
Vibrating frequency:7000-9000r/m
Weigh: main body 56g
Body Color: white
Size: 14.7*3.1cm
5 level vibration speeds controlled
Needle lehgth: from 0.25mm to 2.0mm adjustable
Package size:19.8*18*5.7cm

A.Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation
B.The narrow focus of the site(glabellum,wrinkle,scar)
C.Shrink pores
D.Treatment of striate gravidarum
E.Improve wrinkle and fine lines
F.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds

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