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Portable Mesogun Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun

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Portable Mesogun Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun

Product parameter
Product Name 3 in 1 Nano Crystal Needle Free Mesogun
Model number SC697
Type built-in battery
Technology Mesotherapy; LED; cold/hot hammer
Input voltage 5V 1A
3 LED colors Red, blue, purple
Intensity level 3 levels
Cold/hot hammer Cold: 3 levels Hot: 3 levels
Product size 20*15*5cm
Net weight 250g

Working Principle
The 3 in 1 mesotherapy gun adopts mesotherapy, LED and cold/hot hammer. The nano crystal needle chip can create thousands of nano channels on the skin. Together with the high pressure injection, it makes the skincare products to be better absorbed by the skin without injuries or any sense of pain. The LED and cold/ hot hammer can further improve the skin condition and texture.

1.Needle free injection: no injuries, non-invasive and no downtime.
2.10-20 times of absorption: create more nano channels on the skin to enhance absorption rate.
3.3 led light: red, blue and purple light to improve the treatment results.
4.High pressure inducing: the high pressure of the mesogun can turn the skincare products into nano particles so it can be efficiently absorbed.
5.Equipped with cold/hot hammer: minimize large pores and enhance the absorption rate.

Moisturizing & hydrating Brightening & tightening
Soothing & calming Wrinkle smoothing
Pore shrinking Acne treatment


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