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Hair Frozen Machine | Ice Cold Hair Care Treatment

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The Frozen Flat Iron by Vaney Beauty works with the Hair. Frozen Hair Treatments to revive damaged hair and keeping it looking young and healthy with the power of the cold.

Item Name hair frozen machine
Packing Size (CM) 38*47*36 CM
CBM 0.065 CBM
Weights (KGS) G.W : 7.5 KGS
Color White
Guarantee 1 Year

A pioneer technology that freezes the cuticles.

Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary treatment that recovers the damaged and fragile hair. Working with extremely low temperature, it acts on the hair’s strand from the inside out, correcting and replenishing the damaged fibers.

This technology freezes the nutrients and the hyaluronic acid at the hair’s cortex.

The frozen machine reaches -9°C in only 60 seconds, guaranteeing a maximum absorption of hair care nutrients. Exclusive for salons, its extremely low temperature creates a shield around the hair strands, freezing the nutrients at a molecular level.

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