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Ice Cold Hair Care Treatment | Flat Frozen Hair Care Machine


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The Frozen Iron Machine works hand in hand with the Nano Steam Machine.After using Nano Steam, the Frozen Iron Machine, which contains a cold iron that is used to seal up the hair cuticle, locks in moisture and hair treatments.

Item Name frozen hair care iron ice-cold treatment cryolipolysis for the hair
Packing Size (CM) 43*19.5*41 CM
CBM 0.04 CBM
Weights (KGS) N.W : 4.9 KGS | G.W : 5.2 KGS
Color White
Guarantee 1 Year

Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary treatment that recovers the damaged and fragile hair. Working with extremely low temperature, it acts on the hair’s strand from the inside out, correcting and replenishing the damaged fibers.

This technology freezes the nutrients and the hyaluronic acid at the hair’s cortex.

The frozen machine reaches -9°C in only 60 seconds, guaranteeing a maximum absorption of hair care nutrients. Exclusive for salons, its extremely low temperature creates a shield around the hair strands, freezing the nutrients at a molecular level.

1. Plug the machine and turn on the main switch.
2. The blue LED display in front of the iron will show its temperature.
3. Wait 1-2 minutes for the iron’s surface to freeze. A thin layer of ice will appear on the metal plates once the iron is ready for use.
4. Proceed with desired hair procedure and hair treatment.

1. Use the Nano Steam Machine to open the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and product nutrients. Section hair into four quarters, using the suitable hair care treatment depending on hair types and textures.
2. Rinse hair, then towel dry. Apply hair care oil.
3. Use the Hair Cuticle Frozen Closed Iron to clamp the hair, moving from hair roots to ends. Clamp each hair section (2cm) twice to close hair cuticles.

1. After finishing hair coloring procedure, use the Hair Cuticle Closed Iron to clamp the hair, moving from hair roots to ends. Clamp each hair section (2cm) twice to close hair cuticles.
2. Rinse hair thoroughly, then proceed with blow drying and styling.

1. After applying perming/straightening Lotion 1, rinse and blow dry the hair once the solution integrated enough.
2. Apply suitable perm rods/pull hair straight.
3. Spread perming/ straightening lotion 2 after applying perm rods or straightening.
4. Start the Frozen Hair Care Treatment. After applying perming/straightening Lotion 2, Iron the hair section by section using the Frozen Iron.
5. Wait 15 minutes after finish Frozen Hair Care Treatment, then rinse hair thoroughly.
6. Towel-dry the hair (until damp, not soaking wet), then repeat use of the Frozen Iron, using it on the hair section by section.
7. Proceed with blow drying and styling.

Note: This appliance should be used with an AVR or Powergard to avoid damage caused by fluctuations in voltage

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