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Photon Skin Rejuvenation Instrument Skin Care Red Light Therapy Led Face Mask LM06

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The phototherapy mask is aimed at the skin, whitening, removing acne, and eliminating acne, especially for people who are sick. Intracellular mitochondrial activity, the specific wavelength of led red light can convert light energy into cellular energy, neutralize free genes generated in cells, stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, activate the skin to speed up blood circulation, and can remove wrinkles and moisturize from the inside of the skin.

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Brand Name Dr.bioled LED Facial Mask
Model LM06
Bio Light
7 Colors Lights
Red(640-670nm); Green(490-540nm); Blue(440-470nm); Yellow(565-570nm); Purple(380-440nm); Cyan(460-495nm); Laser Light
Working Time Setting 5-30 mins
AC/DC Adapter Input 100-240V; AC 0.3A; 50/60Hz
AC/DC Adapter Output 5V; DC 1000mA
LED lamps 60pcs
Package Size 43*23*2.5 cm
N.W 0.4kg
G.W 0.96kg

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