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New Semi permanent Mesowhite Serum Kit bb cream meso glow face cream Gold Serum Treatment


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1. Shrink pores, improve skin texture and increase skin elasticity.
2. Remove and relieve fine lines such as the eyes and forehead.
3. Improve pigmentation.
4. Normalization of sebum secretion, restore skin oil balance.

Resident foundation liquid foundation – electric microneedle introduction method:
Apply the liquid foundation to the face and then start the electric microneedle until the essence is introduced.

Operating procedures:
1.cleansing: cleansing facial makeup to a clean and refreshing state, it is recommended to apply a hydrating mask first,
2. hot compress: hot for 5-10 minutes, the purpose is to open the skin hair follicle
3.disinfection: disinfect with alcohol or iodophor face, avoid the eyes, and then wipe the face with saline
4.and then put the appropriate amount of the foundation in the operation site, according to the customer’s skin condition, the electric nano-microneedle is routinely adjusted to 0.5-1.0 to operate, from the forehead to counterclockwise circular operation, the general operation time is 15-20 minutes Yes, change the other side of the face, the same as above
5.after the end of the operation, the face may appear reddish, different from person to person, is a normal phenomenon after the micro-needle, you can use the repair calm gel to apply the whole face or aseptic repair mask for cold compress
6. do not touch the water within 6-8 hours of staying in the foundation, the first 3 days of taboo spicy stimulation, seafood food, try not to make heavy makeup for the first 3 days, simple skin care can be
7. the operation time is about 10 days in between, the maintenance time varies from person to person, generally lasts for about 15 days. Every time the skin is done, the skin will be brightened to different degrees. The more times you do, the longer it will last.

Essence anti-aging serum in the BB STARTRER kit, serum deeply absorbs into your skin layers to give effective results. It improves skin texture, Lifting, Firming and Hydration Booster. Reduces wrinkles, dark eye circles and Hydrates your skin.
BB serum pigment has five different shade : Light, Light Rose, Medium, Deep, Dark. You could mix different colors you need.
According to the individual metabolism retention time is not the same every time the skin will be different degrees of moisten and improvement.
BB Starter Kit is not only suitable for salons and spa centers, but also good for personal skin care and foundation. This Serum treatment gives best result with Derma Pen.
Package: 1 Color Box, 12 Vials Serum Pigments, 2 Droppers

Product Description for BB Cream Meso white:
1. Pure plant essence extract security mild
2. The routine use of one at a time 3. The first operation to keep time 10-15 days according to the individual metabolic maintain different length of time each do a skin carry bright and white
4. The longer you keep, the better you have effect 5. Finish foundation even completely off the skin metabolism is better than white and never done before.
6. The use of nanotechnology micro needle operation

Functions for BB Cream Meso white:
1. As semi-permanent foundation, it is scientifically proven that nano needling technology infuses nutrient-rich tinted BB cream into the top layer of your skin safely. This treatment will reach a good effect from light to medium coverage to camouflage all your facial imperfections, including hyperpigmentation,redness,dark circles and large pores.
2. The unique formula of this booster(bb cream pen) visibly improves the skin texture and enhances the skin defense against external harmful environment, maintaining the skin more bright and beautiful.

Suitable for the crowd and effects:
1. The applicabe Type of Skin – Recommended for all ages / Colored skin / Dark & uneven skin
tone / Melasma, freckles and pigmented skin / After the acne scars & pigmentation / Coloration due to UV light exposure and aging.
2. Effectiveness – Asian, Caucasian, Black instant & gradual skin whitening to all type of skin – Restoration for regular skin tone & whitening effect. 3. Through micro needle technology, improve the facial skin of the human body, always maintaining a sense of makeup, really achieve that slight make-up operation is also very beautiful. 4. It gives more special effects than general daily care cosmetics & can provide visible outstanding effectiveness experience with a single management that combined with professional beauty technology. Also, this is a professional product which can be applied to various beauty treatments.

How to use:
1. Cleansing: clean facial makeup to a clean and refreshing state
2. Hot compress: hot for 5-10 minutes, the purpose is to open the skin hair follicle
3. Disinfection: Disinfect the face with alcohol or iodophor, avoid the eye area, and then wipe the face with saline unit. 4. Drop the foundation of the foundation on the skin, according to the customer’s skin condition, the electric nano-microneedle routine adjustment Section to 1.8-2.0 for operation Adjust according to the comfort of the guest, from the forehead, counterclockwise and evenly operate, general operation Time 30–50 minutes.
5. After the operation is finished, the face may appear reddish, depending on the person, it is normal after the microneedle Phenomenon, can be used to repair calming gel, Apply a full face or a sterile repair mask for cold compressing.

After care for BB Cream Meso white:
1. Do not touch the water within 6-8 hours after finishing the foundation. For the first 3 days, the spicy and seafood food is forbidden.Try not to make heavy makeup for the first 3 days simple skin care.
2. During the first 24 hours, do not wash your face or use any moisturizers or makeup.
3. Avoid prolonged sun exposure in 2 weeks.
4. Do not use harsh soaps or scrubs or heavy skin care products on the face in 1 week.

Technical parameter with BB Cream Meso white:
Item value
Use Face
Gender Female
Form Liquid
Feature Skin Revitalizer, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging, Whitening, Nourishing, Lightening, Blemish Clearing, Pigmentation Correctors
Size Type Regular Size
Skin Type All skin types
Target Area Face
Net weight 8ml/bottle
Quantity per box 12 pcs
OEM/ODM Available

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BB, Booster, Meso white, Mixed BB+Booster

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