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MJ Mesotherapy Gun Needle | Derma Rolling System


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Product name Meso therapy water injection gun needles cartrdige
Material Medical stainless steel
Needle 5 pins / 9 pins
Color Blue (5 pins ) and White (9 pins )
Sterilized method Ultraviolet Disinfection

Hyaluronic acid injection into the skin depression, stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, lastingly maintaining the dynamic balance of subcutaneous collagen at the injection site. Can effectively eliminate various problems, such as wrinkles, dull complexion, etc.

1. Moisturizing: Supplementing moisture to skin deep, so that the skin becomes moist, always keep shiny translucent, moisturizing effect lasting.
2. Water and oil balance: Keep your skin in good condition.
3. Tighten and repair: The growth factor and other vitamins are transported to the dermis, to promote the re-activation of fibroblasts, make the skin full of flexibility.
4. Brighten your skin : The whitening factor, antioxidant substances are transported to the dermis, repair damaged skin cells, once again make the skin becomes delicate, soft white luster.
5. Remove wrinkles : Inject the hyaluronic acid and growth factors into the dermis layer of the skin, effectively improve the skin, enhance facial skin, shaping a good curve.
6. Dilute the pock, effectively transport the nutrients.
7. Shrink pores: improve the rough skin.

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1.5mm 5 Pins Blue, 2.0mm 5 Pins Blue, Adjustable 0-2.5mm 9 Pins White


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