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Hydra Needle -

Home Use Nano Microneedle Dermapen Professional Meso Pen

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Product Name Electric Micro-needle Dermapen profesional
Feature Skin rejuvenation, moisturizing, wrinkle removal, firming, rejuvenation
Power supply USB rechargeable
Type Derma Rolling System
Speed 5 Levels
Color White, black
Product size 23*9*5CM, 210g

1. Lifting and firming, anti-aging and wrinkle removal, skin brightening, brightening and moisturizing, nutrition introduction.
2. Water light introduction: water light glass acid is introduced to soften and dilute fine lines.
3. Whitening and light spots: Import refinement to lighten spots.
4. Pore shrinkage: Introduce water-light hyaluronic acid to shrink pores.
5. Repair acne pits: Import freeze-dried powder to repair damage from the bottom of the skin
6. Lifting firmness: Introducing firmness. It moisturizes the essence and tightens the skin.
7. Remove acne and blackheads: import freeze-dried powder.
8. Five-speed transmission, instantly replenishes water deeply.
9. Product efficacy: do one nano water light = 1000 facial mask care.


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