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Micro Needles Cartridge Tips for Rechargeable A1 Derma Stamp Dr Pen

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The needle tips on this page( this link) are suitable (fit ) to Dr. pen ULTIMA A6 model.

The unit price for every single needle is same, so if you want to mix different needles in one order, please just choose only one type of needle and total quantity and leave a message for explaining, thank you.

Function of each type of needle:
1/3/5/7 pins used for PMU(Permanent Make-up)tattoo,eyelash, eyebrow, face or lips
9/12/36/42 pins used for MTS (Mirconeedle Therapy Sstem)
Nano needle(square&roudess) are used for the advanced biological nanometer, more safe, no harm to skin,Painless, non-invasive

Adjustable needle length: 0.25mm-2.5mm
You can adjust the needle length according to your derma pen.
It could be used on eyelash,eyebrow, face or lips.


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