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Hydra Needle -

Micro Needle Stamp | Meso Gun for PRP Injection

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Technical Principle:
Electric nano-injection gun adopts nano micro crystal blasting shallow conduction, deep guiding technology, allowing skin to quickly restore self generating gel.
The ability of the original protein, in the dermis deep down, fixed, positioning, layering , quantitative injection of cosmetic materials, build a nutrition warehouse. After flatterning, dermis collagen is continuouslyhy and massively generated rapidly. The dermal collagen layer is thickened, and the epidermis is connected more closely. Instant plastic, firm lifting, smooth wrinkles, noticeably improved skin texture, nourished skin, significantly control again.

Technical Advantages:
(1) Water beauty = hyaluronic acid + many beauty options.
(2) Import beauty materials and escort them with safety.
(3) Non surgical, minimally invasive, quick and easy, ready to go.
(4)Add water to effectively replenish cheeks, lips, neck, chest, back of the hand and other required water parts.
(5) For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation.
(6) Improves firmness, improves wrinkles on the eyes, lifts sagging face and neck.

(1) Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation.
(2) The narrow focus of the site (glabellum,wrinkle,scar).
(3) Shrink pores.
(4) Treatment of striate gravidarum.
(5) Improve wrinkle and fine lines.
(6) Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds.
(7) Anti-hair removal.
(8) Micro needle pen is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.

Model number DP14
Working Time (charging full)2-3hours
Vibrate Frequency 8000-10000 r/m
Needle Depth 0-2.0mm adjust
Pen Size 20*4.5cm


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