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Hydra Needle -

Anti Back Flow DermaPen | Electric Microneedle Derma Pen

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Product name Anti Back Flow Derma pen
Needle length from 0mm to 2.5mm adjustable
Power Supply Rechargeable(with battery)
Vibrating frequency 4000-10000r/m
Weight main body 92.4g
Size 16*2.6cm
Speed Levels 5 level vibration speeds controlled
Color White
Package 20*11.8*3.6cm
package weight 253G
Adapter 300MA
OEM and ODM Available
Vibration speed 5 level vibration speeds controlled
Needle material Stainless Steel
Package list
derma pen*1,

The characteristics of microneedling for beauty
1. Does not destroy the integrity of the skin structure.
2. Gradually remove toxins and wastes from the deep layers of the skin.
3. Establish a large number of skin micro-channels to deliver base beauty products; ([requires] Note that it takes 5 minutes to create more than tens of thousands of micro-pores).
4. Directly deliver the required active ingredients to the superior absorption site of the skin; the unique nano-compounded biological factors have a symptomatic effect, the purpose is clear, the effect is significant, and the penetration rate of product ingredients is hundreds of thousands of times higher than ordinary beauty products.
5. Stimulate the skin’s self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity and beauty.
6. Activates cells, repairs damaged tissues, directly participates in cell metabolism, and achieves the effects of wrinkle removal, enhancement, whitening, [ ] Note, and acne pit removal.
7. The unique bioactive ingredients promote the enhancement of cellular immunity, slow down skin aging, and maintain a youthful state for a long time.
8. Utilize the natural healing ability of wounds to induce the skin’s own nutrition and collagen growth.

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