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Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun Needles Meso Gun Injector

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Meso Injector Mesotherapy Gun Needles Meso Gun Injector

Our Advantages
1.Endogenous injection and exogenous injection.Injection technology that speeds up the treatment process.Stimulate skin self-healing and promote skin metabolism.
2.Easy to operate, no side effects, but remarkable effect.
3.Adjustable injection depth, dose, speed and suction intensity.
4.Anti-reflux technology for drugs and blood.

Product Name Mesothtray Gun,Meso Gun
Main Function Assist hyaluronic acid and other products to be injected quantitatively at a constant speed
Mains Built-in lithium battery 7.45V, 580mAH
Lithium battery 8.4V DC/500mA max output
AC100-240V (50/60HZ) input
Power consumption Maximum 4W
Host、Negative pressure handle、The charging base is made of plastic,Syringe fixed head、The filter tip is polycarbonate, the syringe
piston is nickel-plated, and the negative pressure tube is a silicon tube
Host 200G (including fixed injection head) ;
negative pressure handle 100G
Size Host ——153*30*38mm; Negative pressure handle——170*70*48mm
Monitor 1.5 inch full color OLED
Pattern Constant speed (continuous) quantitative (dose)
Product configuration Big Five Needle、5ML needle tube、Negative pressure tube、Filter plug、Host、Negative pressure handle
Service life
It has been used 500,000 times, and the number of users can exceed 7,000, which greatly reduces the frequency of customers
replacing equipment and saves equipment investment costs.


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