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7 Colors LED Mask with Neck | Derma Rolling System

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Red light therapy PDT Beauty Therapy 7 colors LED Mask with Neck

Product parameter
Product Name Micro electric 7 color LED Skin Mask
LED color 7
Lamp number 194pcs
Power 15W
Current 10-20mA
Voltage 20V
Color white
Product size 20*23*1.5cm
Product weight 730g

Feature of led facial machine
1. 7 LED lights with muti functions;
2. Easy to operate with full touch screen (3 programs included)
3. Big size for both face and neck;
4. Design patent;
5. Smart design to place the handles on the case;
6. Frequency adjustable on the screen to re-adjust the handle.

Face Facial Mask Functions
1. Improve Complexion;
2. Remove Color Spots;
3. Tightening Skin;
4. Activate Collagen;
5. Anti- Aging Skin.

Operation steps
1. Take a picture before using;
2. Clean your face;
3. Put on the safety goggles/glasses provided;
4. Place the mask on your head;
5. Turn on the instrument and allow approximately 20 minutes for each daily session.


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