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Hot Sale Salon Use EZ Injector Mesotherapy Gun Meso Gun

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Hot Sale Salon Use EZ Injector Mesotherapy Gun Meso Gun

Product Name EZ Injection Gun
Material ABS
Screen 1.5 inch OLED
Needles 5 pins, 9 pins
Gross Weight 3.5kg
Warranty 12 months
Injection System
Power: Battery embedded, Lithium Polymer Battery ( 7.4V, 850mAh )
Charger: Adapter input: 110 ~ 240V 50/60Hz Output : DC 8.4V 500mA Max
Duration time: The use of negative pressure up to 2,000 times.
Power consumption: 4W
Material: ABS ( Main machine, Negative pressure handle, Charging base ), PC ( Syringe holder, Filter ),
Nickel-plated ( Syringe piston ), Silicone tube ( Negative Pressure Tube )
Display: 1.5 inch color OLED
Power operation: Switch button or No automatic shutdown in 5 minutes.
Mode: Continuous, Dose
Injection Setting: 5 level ( continuous ), 6 level ( dose )
Weihgt: Main body 220g ( Include syringe holder ), Negative pressure handle 100g
Dimension: 153 x 38 x 38mm ( Main body ), 170 x 70 x 48mm ( Negative pressure handle )

-Skin rejuvenation ,wrinkle removal and pigmentation removal
-Skin tightening,Enhance skin metabolism, anti—aging
-Activation of collagen cells, enhancing skin elasticity and gloss
-Remove facial fine lines and crow’s feet, plain word lines ,etc.

-Applicated for endogenous and exogenous injection
-Injection technology which can speed up the treatment process
-Easy to operate, no side effects, but significant effect
-Adjustable injection depth, doses, speed and suction intensity.
-Anti-backflow technology applicated for medicine and blood.
-Stimulate the skin for self-healing, promote skin metabolism

Treatment Process:
Fresh-keeping film
Facial cleaning&disinfection
Put medicant inside the three-way valve before injection


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