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Hydra Needle -

EMS RF Meso therapy gun PRP Mesotherapy Injection Gun

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Working Principle
1. Traditional mesotherapy targets problem areas with microinjections of medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. No-needle high frequency mesotherapy aims to deliver the same results but without the pain associated with the injections to solve various problems caused by lacking moisture, such as saggy skin, dark spots, wrinkles, acne, and roughness so as to make skin smooth, soft, bright and hydrated.
2. EMS microcurrent stimulates muscles to tighten skin, accelerate skin metabolism, increase elasticity and promote nutrient absorption.
3. RF penetrates deep skin, generating heat to promote blood circulation and metabolism, accelerate collagen contraction and regeneration to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity.

Product Parameter
Product name Portable EMS RF Needle-free Mesotherapy Gun
Technology Mesotherapy, EMS, RF
Type Plug-in
Handle quantity 1pc
Input voltage DC24V
Power 20W
Product color White
RF intensity 9 levels
EMS intensity 9 levels
Injection speed 10 levels
Package size 29*25*23.5cm
Gross weight 1.6kg

Product Features
1. 3 technologies in 1 —— Needle-free mesotherapy + RF + EMS.
2. 9 RF levels —— Adjustable radio frequency energy.
3. 9 EMS levels —— Adjustable microcurrent
4. Dose 0-9 levels —— Adjustable liquid flow.
5. 10 speed levels —— High-frequency injection.
6. Needleless & painless —— Safe and comfortable treatment.
7. Self-clean function —— Convenient machine maintenance.
8. Easy operation —— Display screen + button control.

Main Functions
Skin rejuvenating
Skin moisturizing
Wrinkle removal
Skin smoothing
Skin tightening
Pore shrinking
Prevent hair loss
Stimulate hair growth

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