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Hydra Needle -

Dr.pen M8S Wireless Microneedling Pen

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Electric micro-needle therapy uses micro fine needle technology to break through the corneum lipids, micro hurt of epidermis activates the body immune system at instance, the body immune system produces macrophagocyte and leucocyte to react to and repair the micro hurt, and at the same time, nutrition will directly permeate into the dermis layer and skin tissue so as to deal with different problems.

Product name Dr.pen M8s electric microneedle device
Product No. Dr.pen M8S
Needle material Titanium Alloy
Adjustable length 0.00-2.5mm
Needle quantity MTS 12 needles
Device color Gray
Device material Aluminum alloy
Input/Output 110-220V, 50-60Hz/5V.
Power supply Wireless battery.
Speed control 6 level speed control

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