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Microneedling Dermapen | Electric Micro Needle Skin Therapy Dermapen DP18


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DP18 Electric Micro Needle Skin Therapy Dermapen Skin Tightening Remove Scar Reduce Wrinkles Tighten Pores Beauty Device

Model No. DP18
Material ABS
Size 19*9*4cm
Weight 230g
Power Supply USB Charging
Certificates CE
Input Voltage DC 5V
Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Rated Power 1.5W
Battery Capacity 300mAh

Speed Mode
3 Adjustable Speed Levels:
Blue for Low Speed(4000rpm),
Green for Medium Speed(5000rpm),
Red for High Speed(6000rpm)

1* Micro Needle Instrument
1* Micro Needle
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual

1. Tiny micro needles skin therapy design can promote the collagen regeneration and make active ingredients better penetrate the skin for more effective absorption and skin improvement effect, painless and fast to recover, no scar left behind with silky smooth looks.
2. Disposable micro needle replacement head with high purity monocrystalline silicone allows for enhanced using safety, independently packaged in a transparent bag, non-toxic and hygiene to prevent infection risks.
3. Easily adjust the needle length by turning clockwise to lengthen or anti clockwise to shorten, suitable for multipurpose application and widely work on different skin types or facial areas like forehead, nose, eye area, between eyebrows, cheek bone, etc and deal with different problems like scars, stretch mark and so on.
4. Three adjustable speed levels can be instantly switched with one button control, you can directly monitor the working status via LED light: blue for low speed, green for medium speed and red for high speed. Long press the button to power off, easy and convenient.
5. Streamline non-slip handle design allows for ergonomic and secure grips, comfortable to hold and reduce accidentally slip of the hand.
6. Come with a nice case for storage and carrying a breeze, suitable for personal home use and professional salon use.

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