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DermaRollingSystem mesogun mesotherapy gun hot selling prp hair treatment meso gun with factory price

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Mesotherapy originated from French medical doctor, Dr. Pistor, is performed for obesity, plastic surgery and pain-care in many countries actively injecting small amount of medicine based on the theory that Dermal layer, subcutaneous layer and muscle are same. It brought in switzerland,high-tech machine,very different with other beauty machines,sometimes our skin will lack of nutriment,it can inject some nutrient substance ,and then the skin will absorb the nutrient substance 100 percent.and the injectivity of each injections are the equal,so that will be very safety.

1. Light weight and relatively small size make the hand easy to perform.
2. Possible to use continuously since injecting device and control parts are separated.
3. Practical and convenient cart makes performance easy at small room.
4. Needle guider helps to control injecting depth.
5. Possible to use any needle and syringe under 10cc.
6. Micro process inside makes possible for various injection modes.8


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