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Mesotherapy Injection Needles | Vacuum Needle for Dermashine Shine Machine

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Derma Shine Korea generation 2 water mesotherapy injection meso gun multi needles 9 Pins

Derma Shine treatment enhances the texture, elasticity, brightness, and moisturizing
capacity of your skin by mixing aesthetic medicine such as (non-bridging) hyaluronic acid,
Botox, Placenta. It is mainly used for the face, neck, chin, and hand.

Advantages of water, light and magic skin and efficacy
1, moisturizing, whitening, firming, detoxifying, one-stop Facial rejuvenation effect management.
2, non-invasive, no marks, no pain to improve wrinkles.
3, sufficient moisture to improve dull and rough skin.
4, treatment is simple and quick, only a 15-minute
5, after injection, no swelling, to everyday life
6, water, light and magic skin four times for a course of treatment, normally injected once and you can feel the
water light and magic skin changes, change will be more apparent after a course
7, anti-aging, and reversal of age.

Suitable for:
Skin dark and rough, dry skin, face colored spot


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