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Hydra Needle -

Electric Microneedle Roller | Professional Microneedling Devices

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The Dermapen is a hand-held device and contains many tiny sterile needles. These needles penetrate into the skin at different levels depending on the part of the face, depth of scar or the condition being treated. The needles cause lots of tiny micro injuries to your skin which causes the skin to heal itself and produce collagen. This will help to reduce the appearance of scar tissue to the areas treated.
During your treatment we use a serum selected for your skin type and skin issues which is applied at the same time. When the Derma pen is used in conjunction with the serum the skin will absorb the product at a much deeper level than just applying to the surface of the skin.

Model name DP15
Power Supply Rechargeable(with battery)
Adapter 4.2v-500MA
Vibrating frequency 6500-9500r/m
Weight main body 102g
Body Color silver and black
Size 7*2.1cm
Speed 5 level vibration speeds controlled
Needle length from 0mm to 2.0mm adjustable
Led light 7 colors adjustable(red,blue,green,yellow,purple,clear blue,laser white)


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