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Microneedling Pens – 7 Colors LED Photon Derma Pen For Hair Loss Treatment

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Microneedling pens use tiny, ultra thin needles to create “micro-channels” in the skin for deeper penetration of serums and ingredients results in higher efficacy, meaning you get more out of your serums than usual. Micro channels trick the skin into thinking that it’s being injured, which triggers the skin’s own natural healing response – an increase in production of collagen and elastin. This restores elasticity, suppleness and a youthful, bouncy ‘glow’ to the skin, as well as healing fine lines, wrinkles, textural irregularities, pigmentation and more. Microneedling can be used to treat the skin on your face, under-eye area, lips, neck, chest, hands and body (such as the thighs and buttocks, where stretch marks are commonly found).

Model name DP15
Power Supply Rechargeable(with battery)
Adapter 4.2v-500MA
Vibrating frequency 6500-9500r/m
Weight main body 102g
Body Color silver and black
Size 7*2.1cm
Speed 5 level vibration speeds controlled
Needle length from 0mm to 2.0mm adjustable
Led light 7 colors adjustable(red,blue,green,yellow,purple,clear blue,laser white)


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