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Handheld Microdermabrasion Machine | Blackhead Removal Pen

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Microdermabrasion, base on the Friction and Vacuum principle, use wands and heads with diamond particle to act on the skin and exfoliate the aging cuticle of the upper layer. It is a skin rejuvenation technology. It could stimulate the cambium layer of skin to absorb oxygen and accelerate the blood circulation and the growth of skin tissue, collagen and elastin. It could help to recuperate the skin texture, rebuild a healthy skin, improve the aging cuticle, shallow the pigment, shrink pores, eliminate the acne scar etc. Accompany with proper skin care process could make the skin tender, fresh and full of elasticity.

The feature of handheld microdermabrasion machine:
1. Small, lightweight, easy to carry with.
2. 3 different size of microdermabrasion heads.
According to the needs to select different microdermabrasion heads for
3. 3 different size of vacuum heads.
4. Double filtration device, easy to clear up, and effectively prevent the blockage
into the apparatus.
5. Suitable for all kinds of skin type.
6. Non-irritating, non-stinging, no need anesthesia.
7. Physical mechanical dermabrasion can be easily controlled, no side effects, safe and reliable.

Name Handheld microdermabrasion Machine
Appearance Portable Type
Dimension 25*10*8cm
Voltage 110-240V
Output 30W
Weight 2KG


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