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Anti Back Flow LCD Dermapen | LED Therapy Microneedle Pen


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Advanced Technology Anti Backflow LCD Dermapen Microneedle LED Therapy

Name Electric Anti-Back Flow LED Derma Pen
Model DP23
7 Bio LED Lights Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Purple/Cyan/Laser (Adjustment)
Needle Length 0-2.00mm Adjustment
Digital Screen 1/2/3/4/5 Gears
Speed Level 5 Levels
Max Speed 10000RPM
Power Supply Inside lithium Battery
Weight Main Body 88g
Warranty One Year Free Warranty

1 * Main Body
1 * Manual
1 * USB Cable
2 * Needle Cartridges

Electric Anti-Flow LED Derma Pen Application
☞ Wrinkle removal, Acne removal, Repair damaged skin, Improve scar, Rejuvenation
☞ The narrow focus of the site (glabellum, wrinkle, scar)
☞ Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
☞ Anti-hair removal, Shrink pores , Refine pores, Skin lifting(introduce the essence to tighten)
☞ Deeply nourishing, Improve wrinkle and fine lines
☞ Skin whitening(smooth skin brighten complexion), Deep hydration


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