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Hydra Needle -

Bio Needle Derma Stamp

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Bio Needle H24

Bio Needle works to stimulate collagen production and increase skincare absorption. Traditional derma rollers are not easy to operate because you have to use your other hand or another person to help you apply the serum to your face. But the new Bio Needle H24 does not require an assistant, and you can complete the Hydra Roller treatment at home by yourself. Adjustable scale non-slip grooves make it easier to get started. The clean and hygienic design allows you not to worry about the allergy and redness caused by bacterial infection on your face.

Product name:H24
Type: Derma stamp
Capacity of vial: 10ML
Hande material: PE+Grass
Instructions: Single use
Available needle lenght: 0-1.5mm
Package weight: 50g
Package size: 101*67*33mm
Packing list: Carton,Tray,H24
Funtion: Skin Care

1.Evenly & efficiently
While the H24 is working on the skin surface,the skin serum will discharge evenly from 24 tiny holes and
central axis,follow the needles and reach different skin layers.The H24 plays well with different skin serums
to improve the skin problem.

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