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Hydra Needle -

Professional Hyaluronic Injection Meso Dermapen Needle Cartridge


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Professional Hyaluronic Injection Meso Dermapen Needle Cartridge

Needle Length:0.25-2.0mm adjust

Needle tips:9 /12/24/36/42/nano round/3D/5D/6D needles for choice

* 9 pins : lips /eyeliner
* 12 pins :Acne/ pore removal /lifting
* 24 pins :Acne/ pore removal /lifting

* 36 pins :Stretch marks
* 42 pins :Stretch marks

* 3D/5D/6D/nano :Massage dark circels

What does it can do for you?
A.Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin
B.Gradually remove the skin deep toxins and waste
C.Establish a direct transportation between skin and beauty product
D.Promote the skin metabolism
E.Improve the ability of wound healing and anti-aging
F.No side effect, safe and reliable
G.Simple operation
H.Effect is more remarkable than the general beauty products
I. Derma pen needle cartridge for micro needle is your best choice for beauty and skin care treatments.

Derma pen needle cartridge
1. No cross infection/one-time disposable needle consumables.
2. Speed-faster than manual applications.
3. Short session times.
4. Adjustable needle depth.
5. Minimal pain
6.Lightweight handpiece
7.Easy to use
8.Low cost consumable
9.User independent

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12 Pins, 24 Pins, 36 Pins, 3D, 42 Pins, 5D, 6D, 9 Pins, Round Nano


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