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Hydra Needle -
Automatic Hydra Needle 20 bottle Aqua Micro Channel Mesotherapy Gold Needle Fine Touch System derma stamp 05

Hydra Needle 20 Titanium Needle Serum Applicator

This small device used by dermatologists increases how much serum you absorb by 80%, so you can remove acne scars, discolouration and wrinkles without waiting months for your serums to work. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a professional treatment that comes with no pain, no downtime and great results.

Why this device is essential

Most people who are dealing with skin concerns from acne scarring to fine lines and wrinkles are stuck in a cycle of buying a serum, waiting weeks or months for it to work, becoming disappointed when it doesn’t and wasting money on yet another serum. This is because active ingredients actually need to penetrate the skin to be effective, not slathered on top. Luckily, the Hydra Needle (a Microneedling device) is what will allow you to get them there quickly, safely and without pain.

How it works

The Hydra Needle is designed with 3 key elements, a bottle to hold your serums, a cap with a spring function to release the serum and 20 micro-needles on top to create pathways that lead your serum just past the outer skin layer.
The ‘micro-needles’ only go up to 0.5mm so you don’t have to worry about controlling the depth, you simply dot the device firmly on the skin. The tiny needles are also thinner than a human hair, so are not wide or long enough to be risky or painful.

Benefits for your skin

With the 0.25mm device, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of your product’s ingredients, from vitamin C to hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. You will also see your skin’s colour and texture become smooth and evened.
The 0.5mm can even delve into the second layer of skin, leading to incredible reductions in marks, fine lines and wrinkles. This is because it triggers your body’s wound healing response, which stimulates collagen and causes new healthy skin to be created.

Top benefits of treatment

You may be wondering whether microneedling is right for you, or if it should be done at home. Here’s everything you need to know about the main benefits for the treatment, and why it’s so popular.

Immediate absorption of active ingredients

The Hydra Needle is the only home microneedling device that allows you to benefit from microneedling, and insert your serums at the same time to ensure faster and immediate absorption of active ingredients.

Absolutely no downtime

The Hydra Needle is an easy treatment that comes with no downtime, just some short-term redness. The micro-holes created also close within 24 hours, meaning you continue resume applying makeup and other products by the next day.


The thin short nature of the 0.25mm needles means you feel no pain at all. With the 0.5 and 0.6mm needles, some experience enough discomfort that they want numbing cream – but don’t worry; you can get this from any drug store or on Amazon. Using our short needle lengths means pain-free treatments, and that means you are far more likely to stick to a regiment, get more effective sessions in, and see real results.

Simple to use

The Hydra Needle is incredibly simple to use, and only requires dotting the device on the skin. It also automatically controls the penetration depth, which is why you don’t need to be a professional to use it. This means you can skip the learning curve and avoid unnecessary side effects.

Full control over your treatment

This device allows for a real personalised treatment. You get to choose the serum based on your skincare needs, how many micro-channels you want to create (tens or hundreds), whether to target only your problem areas or the whole face and the right pressure to use based on your tolerance level.

You can treat the entire body

Microneedling can be done on the entire body, including the arms, back, legs and face.

Why it’s better and safer than alternatives

There are many options available to treat common skin concerns, including derma rollers, fillers and lasers. Find out how microneedling treatments compare to them.

Less trauma to the skin than derma rollers

Studies have found that derma rollers cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Due to its cylinder shape, the needles are exiting and entering at an angle, which creates tearing around the holes. With the upgraded Hydra Needle (which is a stamp not a roller), the needles are entering straight down, so the holes are only as wide as the very fine needles. This means a significantly faster healing time.

The Hydra Needle’s design also means it can cover hard to reach areas such as: above the lip, the nose area, and around the eyes which is harder with a roller.

Results without risky injections

This device is a great option for those who want clinic-like results but are phobic of long needles, don’t want risky surgical procedures or who want that natural ‘not had work done’ look. Even dermatologists are using this to deliver botox, vitamin c and other top ingredients. For you, this means getting the main benefits of a popular clinic treatment affordably and at home.

Safer than lasers (for all skin types)

Microneedling works in much the same way laser treatments do, but instead, you’re injuring the skin mechanically instead of using heat or light. The fact that there’s no heat or light means there’s less risk of hyperpigmentation for all skin types. In fact, research in the journal Dermatologic Surgery found both laser treatments and microneedling to be comparably effective but gave credit to microneedling for being better tolerated, with fewer side effects and less downtime.

Far more evidence based than jade rollers

Jade rollers may help with puffiness (due to being cold) and improve circulation (due to massaging motions), but there is no scientific research backing them, and thus, they are not recommended or used by professionals. Microneedling devices, on the other hand, have extensive research proving their effectiveness, and are common treatments at clinics.

How to use

The Hydra Needle is specifically designed to be incredibly easy to use:

You don’t have to roll anything in multiple directions or use a mechanical device that oscillates very fast.
There’s no need to apply serum, microneedle, and apply more serum. You can now do this simultaneously.
As its a manual device, you control the speed you go at and how many micro-channels you make.
It’s as simple as cleaning your skin and the device, then dotting it on the problem areas.

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