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Anti-Back Flow Stamp Pen |

As we all know, microneedle treatment is the most effective for skin treatment, including acne removal, pigment removal, nutrient leading-in, lip enhacement,skin moisturizing, skin anti-aging and so on…
The tiny needle will create more than 200 000 micro channels in a minute into skin, so that it’s the most important for safely. treatment.

In the market, more than 80% dermapen aren’t anti-flow types, it has a big risk that the serum or blood will going into the dermapen from needle cartridges, and it’s dangerous if don’t sterilize the dermapen fully before the second used. created the new mould anti-flow dermapen to solve the hidden dangers permanently.
Features: anti-back flow designed micro needling pen
Safe: sterile, single use cartridge
Ingress protection to prevent any blood, fluid or serum present during the procedure from penetrating into the pen.
Anti-back flow designed helps protect your patients from potential cross-contamination, ensuring the fluids generated during the procedure do not pass from contaminated glove to pen
Convenient and efficient:
2 rechargeable batteries convenient for operation
Strong motor assure high and stable speed during treatment.

Anti-Back Flow Stamp Pen is the newest technology and patent microneedle dermapen which created on 2022. DP23 Stamp Pen has 5 level speed from 4000-10000RMP, and its needle length is from 0-2.0mm. Also it has 7 led light therapy and LCD screen with 5 levels showing on it.
NT10 is professional anti back flow dermapen needle used for Stamp Pen DP23, and it has 9, 12, 24, 36, 42, nano, 3d and 5d anti back flow derma pen needle.
Compared the regular dermapen , anti back flow derma pen is the most safe and effective. because the blood is easy flow back into the pen when regular dermapen is on working, and it has risk to inflect the second customer when use it the second time.but DP23 Stamp Pen and NT10 anti back flow needle cartridges avoid this problem permanently.
DP23 Stamp Pen is the multifunctional microneedle dermapen and its needle cartridges is anti back flow type, is focused on customized service.

Brand Name Stamp Pen
Model NO. DP23
Adapter 5V – 1000MA
Battery inner lithium battery
LED Therapy 7 led gene biology light
Needle Length 0-2.0mm adjust
Needle Cartridge 9/12/24/36/42 pins/NANO/3D/5D
Body Material environmental metal
LCD Screen 1-5 gears
Stamp Pen Size 165* Φ24mm
N.W 88g
Package List Stamp Pen *1
Needle cartridges * 2
Charger(USB+type C) *1
Manual * 1
Gift box * 1

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