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Hydra Needle -
Wireless Derma Pen Dr.Pen M7-W Auto Micro needle System Adjustable Needle Lengths 0.25mm-2.5mm 5 Speed Electric DermaPen 02

Ultima Dr Pen M7 | Wrinkle Remover Derma Pen – Derma Rolling System

What is Derma Stamp Pen?

Derma Stamp Pen is a portable automatic micro needle Derma Rejuvenation Therapy. It is a Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment which is widely used for skin rejuvenation, enhancement of skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, stimulation of Hair growth, whitening and administration of active ingredients.This device helps cosmetics to be penetrated and absorbed with stimulating the skin.
You do not need to buy a new one every time.Just replace the needle. Needle length is adjustable from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm. It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eye or mouth. Besides,the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.

What does Derma Stamp Pen can do for you?

1.Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation
2.The narrow focus of the site(glabellum,wrinkle,scar)
3.Shrink pores
4.Treatment of striate gravidarum
5.Improve wrinkle and fine lines
6.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
7.Anti-hair removal
8.Derma Stamp Pen is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.

Why you should choose Dr.pen Derma pen?

(1) Unlike the conventional skin treatment remedies, you do not have to spend a fortune on the derma pen. It is least expensive. The sharp needles on the derma pen will create miniscule pores on the uppermost layer of the skin. This in turn will enhance collagen production and will replace dead skin tissues with new skin cells. One of the greatest advantages of using the derma pen is that you do not have to wait for long to see visible and better results. It is easy to use the derma pen. You just need to follow the instructions on the manual that comes along with the kit of the derma pen.
(2) The needles are sterile and you do not have to worry about any infection or skin allergies. This also a great advantage of the derma pen, as the usage of other derma pen in the market can cause pain and will create rashes when you use them. Hereafter, you do not have to bother about fixing appointments with busy dermatologists or visit their overcrowded skin clinics. You can use the derma pen at the leisure and comfort of your home. The device is compact and you can easily carry it while you are on a business trip or while you are on vacations.


Battery 7.4V,400mAh
Body Color Pink
Body Material Aluminu Alloy
Input Volatge 100-240V
Output Voltage 5V,1000mA
Adapter US/EU/UK/AU available
Vibrating Frequency 8000-18000r/m
Speed Levels 1-5 levels
Needle Length From 0.25mm to 2.5mm adjustable
Needle Cartridge 1R,3R,5F,7F,9,12,36,42,Round Nano,2D,3D,5D,Silicone nano
Needle Material Medical stainless steel

Functions for different needle lenghth

(1). 0.2mm 0.25mm:
Skin Restoration
Dark sore concavex hole
Lmprove Alopecia
Pimple scar
Homecare Therapy
Severe decline of elasticity
Active ingredient delivery;
(2). 1.0mm 0.5mm:
Lmprove Wrinkle, Skin Whitening
Collagen Induction
lmprove skin pigmentation
Lmprove Skin Scar
lmprove wrinkle (eye area)
Cellulite treatment, lmprove Alopecia
Skin Thickness
Collagen Induction
Face Firming
Drug delivery
Face Body Lifting;
(3). 1.5mm:
Pregnancy lines
Thick wrinkle
(4). 2.0mm :
Dark sore concavex hole
Pimple scar
Severe decline of elasticity.


a. five different high speed
b. easier to operate in small part or radian.
c. more quickly and efficient than manual MTS Micro-needle
d. adjustable length of micro-needles(0.25mm-2.5mm)
e.Because high-speed vertical movement to reduce pain to a minimum, there is no cross-infection, using a one-time disposable needles.


(1) Take out needle cartridge in the sterilized packing.
(2) Fitting round slots 1 into 2 of machine, push needles cartridge horizontally up to the end .
(3) Lock the cartridge by turning it to the counter clockwise.
(4) Adjustment of needles length should be done after turn on the machine.
(5)If you want to remove the needle cartridge, turn it to the clockwise and push out horizontally, fitting round slots(slot 1,slot2)together.

Adjustment of speed and needle length

(1) Adjustment of Speed and ON/OFF
(2) 5speed level control
Pressing the switch 2 seconds to open the device, It starts from the lowest speed to highest speed when you turn on the power firstly.
The speed cycles low to high. Please press the switch 2 seconds when you need to stop the device.The flicker’ s frequency of light faster, the speed is higher .
(3) Adjustment of needles length
You can adjust the length of needle by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counter clockwise. Turning it clockwise, length of it will be longer.

Advantage of Ultima Dr Pen M7

1. Painless & No Bleeding
Derma pen adopt the newest Technology to control the vibration of speed and the needle length. It much reduce painful. It can get a better treatment result according to different skin problems and it`s more comfortable when you use it on face.
2. Convenient & Easy Operation
6 different vibration speeds.0.25mm-2.5mm adjustable needle length (Adjust different vibration speed and needle length according to different treatment purpose will highly improved the treatment result.
3. AMTS Treament
Auto microneedle therapy system which could treat even narrow area. Such as eyebrow, small scar, deep wrinkle around eyes, nose…
4. Safe & Sanitary & Economy
The needles are consumable type. You can interchange the needle cartridge for each clients. Each needle can be used for 4-6 times according to treatment. Buy countless cosmetics? None will reverse elastin loss. Why? Because only less 10% nutrition of skincare product was absorbed.

From now on, Derma pen helps you reverse it!

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