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How To Use A Dermaroller | At-Home Microneedling | DermaRollingSystem

Just how much are you willing to suffer for the sake of your skin and beauty? That’s the question we’re dealing with when it comes to derma rolling. Nah, just kidding, the truth is that derma rolling – the process of using a derma roller (a roller with hundreds of tiny needles attached to it, picture a prickly lint roller) to clean your skin – isn’t as scary as it might seem!

While a derma roller may look like some kind of a torture device, it’s actually quite helpful and not painful at all when used properly. There are a plethora of benefits to derma rolling that can be taken advantage of when you follow a rolling-regimen, which is why it’s one of the hottest skin-health practices today. We will cover the ins-and-outs of derma rolling – how-to, benefits, uses, and a full review – here in our derma rolling feature, so buckle up and get ready!

What Is Derma Rolling?

Before we explain what derma rolling (also known as collagen induction therapy, or CIT) is, we need to explain what a derma roller itself is. A derma roller is a handheld roller-device with microneedles. The needles range in length from 0.25 mm to 1.5m. You roll the device over the skin to create tiny punctures which trigger skin repair, leading to the creation of new collagen. A bodily protein made up of amino acids, collagen is the part of the connective tissue that helps in firmness, strength, suppleness, and elasticity in skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dermaroller?

Although we have detailed the benefits of derma rolling to some extent above, the truth is that their benefits are plentiful. It has to be more than just a how-to paragraph. Whether you suffer from acne, dry skin, weak skin, scarring, aged-looking skin, and more – it’s hard to imagine a skin ailment that you can’t remedy or at the least improve via derma rolling.

With that being said, derma rolling should never be performed on any kind of open wound or skin blemish. It would be counterproductive, to say the least, to puncture or further inflame existing wounds – allow irritated areas of the skin to heal before using your dermaroller. Originally, this technique was exclusive to dermatologists, but now that we have at-home versions, it’s important to know exactly who and how it works. Our top-5 benefits of derma rolling outside of the inherently obvious are as follows:

Premature Aging

Not dissimilar to treating wrinkles, derma rolling has the capability to prevent and undo premature aging of the skin via triggering of collagen and elastin growth. Derma rolling can have an anti-aging effect by giving skin a stronger, more youthful appearance. It thickens, repairs, strengthens and increases the elasticity of skin. This is why it’s one of the most common skin treatments for anti-aging.


A condition in which parts of the skin become darker in color than the surrounding skin, hyperpigmentation is highly noticeable and can make those suffering from it feel self-conscious and insecure. Luckily for those of us unfortunate enough to be dealing with hyperpigmentation, there is derma rolling. By helping to shed the topmost layer of skin and produce melanocyte, derma rolling can diminish the effects of, and even eliminate, hyperpigmentation.

Pore Size

Clogged and large pores are not only unattractive, they can lead to great problems such as an increasingly acne-damaged layer of skin, blackheads, oily skin, and more. Often located on the nose and around the cheeks, derma rolling can help to reduce the size of enlarged pores by, again, producing collagen, as well as by thickening the epidermis.

How To Use A Dermaroller

Before you understand how to properly use your derma roller it’s important to take note of the fact that not all derma rollers are exactly the same. The primary differences in derma rollers come in the length of the needles being used – and these differences in size are far from incidental. Different lengths can have different effects, the longer the length generally the more severe impact. Additionally, professional dermarollers will use stainless steel microneedles, but this is mostly for sterilization rather than technique.

This is why needling on the longer end of the spectrum is generally performed in hospitals and by professionals, as opposed to done at home in an informal capacity. The different standardized needle lengths, as well as their intended benefits, are as follows:

0.25 mm Dermaroller

Intended only to increase absorption of skincare products, 0.25 mm is the most mild and harmless of the needle lengths. Unable to stimulate collagen growth, this length is strictly used in order to help skincare products to achieve a more beneficial impact. No bleeding or pain is experienced as a result of 0.25 mm needling.

0.5 mm Dermaroller

The second to lowest length of needle, 0.5 mm derma rollers are used to treat shallow and superficial damage to skin. Still, on the short side, 0.5 mm needles can cause some minimal pain and bleeding, and can only trigger minor collagen growth.

0.75 to 1.0 mm Dermaroller

An ideal solution for wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks, the 0.75 to 1.0 range is when we start to see some serious derma rolling-impact. You require a greater recovery time between needle treatments (4 to 7 days) due to the highly invasive nature of the session. Moderate bleeding is not uncommon.

1.5 to 3.0 mm Dermaroller

Anything in the 1.5 mm range of derma rollers or higher represents more than a simple at-home skin remedy. It is a serious skin treatment and would-be users need to understand the risks. 1.5+ mm treatments are used to treat the most severe scarring, stretch marks, and skin ailments. This treatment is more for the body than the face, due to the intense redness and bleeding it has been known to cause.

Dermaroller For Hair Loss And Growth

In addition to the many benefits which can be taken advantage of for the sake of your skin, you can perform derma rolling on the scalp. This can help combat and reverse the effects of hair loss. Rogaine for men or women isn’t your only option, here! There are two different ways in which you can dermaroll on hair – on its own, or in conjunction with hair loss medications in order to facilitate absorption.

Dermarolling can promote hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. This inhibits factors which can cause hair loss. Similar to skin, derma rolling can also help to increase absorption on different areas, which would help the scalp absorb treatments such as minoxidil more effectively.

Dermaroller For Acne Scars

One of the worst and most lingering effects of acne is not the skin blemishes and pimples themselves, but the lasting scarring that they leave. When acne hits, the skin has an inflammation response to the damage, after which the body will try to repair the damage, increase collagen production, combined with the inflammatory response, can create scarring.

Picking the blemishes increases the inflammatory response of the skin. So, it’s important to remember never to needlessly inflame the skin on your own. Once the scarring has already set in, however, derma rolling can help to undo it. The prickling of the skin by the derma roller will cause the skin to repair and replace itself. When done over a long enough period of time, can eventually wear down and eliminate scars. This means that the skin rejuvenating properties of dermarollers can also help to reduce fine lines. Using dermarollers alongside hyaluronic acid can help to encourage the healing process by keeping your skin intensely hydrated.

Dermaroller For Stretch Marks

Regardless of their primary cause, there isn’t anyone who will tell you that they are a fan of their stretch marks. This is one of the most common concerns of women during pregnancy. It also affects a large number of folks who encounter the scars and marks during their day-to-day lives. Stretch marks are an unsightly skin marking that has not been fully remedied.

The time it will take to have a serious impact and see real effectiveness will vary, but derma rolling has been used to repair and eliminate stretch marks (and cellulite!) to excellent effect. Try it today and put your derma roller to work for you! It could be everything you need to bring your skin back to its stretch-free state.

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