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New Anti-Puffiness Stainless Steel Microneedling Electric Wireless Best Derma Pen DP27 01

Microneedle Derma Pen System | Derma Rolling System

Microneedle Derma Pen System features extremely fine needles that gently penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in smoother, firmer, healthier and younger-looking skin. Featuring 5 speeds and an adjustable needle head that allows you to switch to different needles depths (from 0.25mm to 2.0mm), the electric roller uses a vibration mechanism that produces faster and more precise needle strokes, easier and deeper needle penetration compared to manual, non-electric rollers.

What is a Derma Pen Microneedling?

Derma Pen Micro needling can be used as a treatment for acne, acne scaring, fine lines and wrinkle and pore minimisation. Unlike traditional microneedling with a roller, the Derma Pen uses different depths of needles making it easier to treat areas like the forehead and nose.

This procedure is minimally-invasive, non-surgical skin rejuvenating technique that uses the dermapen micro needling , an automated medical device that contains multiple fine needles, to create microchannels in the skin for increased stimulation of circulation and natural collagen production in the treated area. This newly created collagen provides the skin with additional support and helps to improve the overall health and quality of the skin. This dermapen micro needling treatment helps tighten skin, improve scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and aids the absorption of topical skin care products.

How does Dermapen Microneedling work?

The Dermapen is a hand-held device for clinic use. The top of the device contains many tiny sterile needles. These needles penetrate into the skin at different levels depending on the part of the face, depth of scar or the condition being treated. The needles cause lots of tiny micro injuries to your skin which causes the skin to heal itself and produce collagen. This will help to reduce the appearance of scar tissue to the areas treated.

During your treatment we use a serum selected for your skin type and skin issues which is applied at the same time. When the Derma pen is used in conjunction with the serum the skin will absorb the product at a much deeper level than just applying to the surface of the skin.
You’ve probably already heard of microneedling, sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy or skin needling. It may sound a little intimidating, but it’s actually a very simple, painless and effective way to treat everything from wrinkles and pigmentation through to acne, scarring and stretch marks.
The treatment works by gliding a small device over the skin, which delivers microscopic punctures (only a few millimetres deep) using very tiny needles. You won’t really feel this, as they’re moving incredibly fast in a vertical stamping motion. The treatment stimulates the natural healing process in the skin, resulting in fresh, new collagen and elastin, and a rejuvenated and more youthful complexion. Yes please!
To enhance this process, active solutions containing collagen, vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients are applied and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin through these tiny channels to maximise your skin results.

What sort of results will I get from Dermapen Microneedling?

One thing you’ll need to know is that like most transformations, the results aren’t immediate. Your skin will be glowing and a little plump and pink right after your treatment, but since your body needs to create the fresh new collagen, the real outcome will come a couple of months later. You’ll get best results when you do a few treatments, ideally between three and six once every month or so, for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.
Another thing to consider is that all microneedling treatments are not created equal, and some pens and techniques yield lesser results. Dermapen is the original and most trusted microneedling brand, designed in Australia with an improved version every few years, leading us to the latest model, the Dermapen4. This device is safer than ever, with an anti-contamination mechanism and an increased amount of smaller, faster-moving needles than other devices, meaning less pain and more gain.

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