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Hydra Needle -
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Hydra Pen | Professional Microneedling Pen

What is Hydra Pen?

Hydra Pen is a premium micro-needling device, designed to improve the appearance of hair loss, enlarged pores, fine lines, scarring, and overall skin texture and tone. The difference of the Hydra Pen from other micro-needling devices is the device is filled with serumsfor targeted mesotherapy. In combination with high-quality serum ingredients, Hydra Pen can improve skin tone and overall skin texture and brightness.

Hydra Pen is a new device for fractional mesotherapy treatment which rejuvenates and brightens the skin. It also combines the functions of microdermabrasion and mesotherapy.

Hydra Pen micro-needles produce micro-injuries to the epidermis, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and improves your cellular turnover rate. As we age, our collagen production and cellular turnover rate slows down, resulting in less vibrant, dull looking skin. The needles create channels in the skin, which increases the penetration of your serum antioxidants by up to 80%.

This device has a plastic handle and holds cartridges with 12 pins. When the device is turned on, the needles in the cartridge begin the reciprocating motion with a frequency of 3000 punctures per minute to 5500 punctures per minute. Due to this motion, little punctures in the skin are evenly distributed. Through the punctures, the serum penetrates deep into the layers of the skin which
leads to the activation process. The injuries stimulate skin regeneration and renewal which results in a lifting and firming effect.

How Does Hydra Pen Work?

The Hydra Pro is a microneedling device which also includes a capsule filled with serum which injects into your skin during the microneedling process. This needling action causes micro-damage, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and enhances cellular renewal. The needles form micro-channels in the skin, which helps the penetration of more than 80% of a serums ingredients into the skin – far more than if you were to apply a serum topically. The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin. The idea behind mesotherapy is that it corrects underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation which cause skin damage, as well as to get the most out of your desired serum ingredients.

When the device is turned on, the needles in the cartridge begin the reciprocating motion with a frequency of 3000 micro-punctures/min to 5500 punctures/min which simultaneously distributes the serum deeply into these newly created microchannels.

How To Use Hydra Pen?

Put a skin booster into the empty needle cartridge.
Put the soft plug at the bottom of the needle cartridge.
Remove the protective cover.
Assemble the needle cartridge to the Hydra Pen.
Assemble the retaining ring to the Hydra Pen.
Start the Hydra Pen. Press the power button for 2-3 seconds to start or shut down the pen.
Gently move Hydra Pen on desired areas in a swiping motion.
After microneedling, follow up with a sheet mask to soothe the skin.

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