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Hydra Needle -

New Arrival 2 in 1 Derma Pen Mesotherapy Gun Microneedle Therapy Vacuum Water Meso Injector Anti Aging Facial Skin Care Beauty Machine

Operation attention
1. Needle should not be too hard to press the skin, no need to hand lift the suspension, according to the face of the arc to the smart adapter, so as not to slip in the process Causing scratches.
2. guests face, the needle must be used to wipe and disinfect saline, can not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, to avoid customer disinfection with such Allergies.
3. Operation time is normal for half face 15-20 minutes, full face 30-40 minutes, to strengthen the operation 40-60 minutes. If the skin is thin, sensitive
In the case of skin should reduce the operating time.
4. Operation and operation after the skin slightly red for the normal phenomenon, the general application of facial mask can be alleviated.
5. The use of nano electric Shuiguang must carefully study and conducted under the guidance of professionals.
6. Allergy to the drug disabled.
7. menstrual period, high blood pressure, taking birth control pills, aspirin and other needs to control the disease or withdrawal more than 2 weeks to use.
8. 7-15 days to do once, 6 times for a course of treatment. Can increase the number of users according to the actual situation. Pregnant women, hemorrhagic disease, immune Defects, heart, liver and kidney dysfunction, allergy, severe cardiac rhythm can not be done

Safe Note
1. After the instrument should be thoroughly cleaned, so that the instrument forever, such as new, increase the life of the instrument.
2. Face injection of cosmetic materials, is not recommended for this instrument treatment.
3. Major patients with disease, do not recommend the use of this instrument treatment.
4. Do not disassemble, repair, modify the instrument (will form a failure or cause an accident).
5. After the instrument is finished. Be sure to turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord.
6. This product should pay attention to fire, sunscreen, moisture, anti-impact.
Accessories tools to be properly placed.

Product service and maintenance
The machine since the purchase (with the bill) host warranty for one year, three months of quality problems free repair, three months after the emergence of
The problem will be charged maintenance costs. Accessories warranty for three months, a month of quality problems, free repair. A month after the collection of zero
Maintenance costs. Other overdue warranty period, but also responsible for maintenance, only charge spare parts and consumables costs, to add
Please contact us for purchase.
2. Failure due to the following reasons, not within the scope of free warranty.
Product service and maintenance
A. unauthorized disassembly, modification of the product caused by the failure;
B. use of accidentally beat, fall caused by the failure;
C. failure caused by improper use;
D. Failure to follow the instructions for proper use;
E. Natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and floods

Ready before operation
1. Ask the customer to fully remove the makeup and ensure that the face is clean
2. Determine the treatment site, take pictures before treatment.
3. Make sure that the customer has removed all metal items and that there is no metal in direct contact with the customer.
4. Handle the accessories and beautician’s hands with saline.
5. beautician operation must wear a mask, disposable gloves,
hair up to operate.
6. Prepare special guide products.
7. Apply before the application of water mask.
8. Physiological saline disinfection facial operation area.

Note: Needles are disposable and can not be reused.

Late maintenance
1. In order to achieve a good treatment effect, the clinician may be required after surgery to the treatment site for repair procedures, such as deposited mask, Beauty care, cleaning and so on. Please consult with the treatment details.
2. Immediately after the ice treatment site.
3. After surgery please keep the surgical site of the clean, do not over-massage, and to avoid the hot and humid environment, can not be sunshine for a long time exposure.
4. After three days of treatment should be gently clean the treatment area. Avoid hard rubbing.
5. Do not use ointment, skin care and makeup to wipe the treatment area after surgery, and do not touch the treatment area by hand.
Within five days after surgery to avoid the sauna and intense exercise.Note to keep the face moist, do not sun exposure,
Do not wash your face with hot water

Technical principles
Note the dance with nano nano electric storm burst Dun say which, to make skin whitening from fast Di long summer ability, fixed,floating down the factory in the dermis, cooking, cooking the injection% of silos that lay the material Komura friend evaluation course is not
large the fast growing sense of good leather can I [, dermal transport strike, promotion,
when Yang Town been refused to play the color blind dawn St.
police friends taste system aging with St.

Technical advantages
1. Water light skin = hyaluronic acid + N kinds of beauty options.
2. Import beauty materials, with security for the beautiful escort.
3. Non-surgical, traumatic small, fast and convenient, that is to do that go.
4. Replenish the water effectively replenish the cheeks, lips, neck, chest,back and other necessary water.
5. For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation.
6. Enhance the compact, improve eye wrinkles, enhance the sagging face, neck

Shen Shuiguang made nano dynamic therapy
The use of extremely fine needles on the wafer penetrates the barrier layer (cuticle) of the human body surface, in the area of square millimeter The epidermis to open millions of channels without destroying the skin epidermis, so that the active ingredients of the nutrient solution effectively penetrate the skin, to stimulate bone collagen hyperplasia and cell regeneration, repair aging cells. So as to achieve the reduction of wrinkles, treatment of scar and stretch marks, skin whitening, reduce pigmentation, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue and other effects. Vanadium and titanium needleless light using negative p ressure multi-external skin dermis into the body due to aging loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen, endotoxin PRP autologous cells and other high-end injection products, so that the skin absorb and store their own weight of 1000 times the water Copies, wake up the cell regeneration function, reproduce the skin to repair the skin withered fracture, in a short period of time to enhance the shape of smooth and smooth elastic skin.

Nano electric water can achieve the effect
The first stage: moist translucent multiplier. Skin water content to enhance,catch the girl’s degree of water, the skin elasticity increased.
The second stage: detoxification metabolism accelerated. Nutrition is absorbed by the skin and began to take effect, the skin to accelerate the discharge of harmful toxins, erythema, Pigment is desalinated.
The third stage: white shiny blooming now. Toxins metabolism accelerated, white, gloss more and more obvious.
The fourth stage: compact beauty to develop. Collagen reorganization is completed, compact, smooth, elastic beauty within reach

Product effects
Deep replenishment
Whitening rejuvenation
Relieve wrinkles
Shrink pores
Enhance the skin

Nano electric light
Nano water needle is to deep skin nutrition products, moisturizing effect is very good.
Shuiguang nano needle wrinkle effect is very good, can be in loose skin filling up and stretch facial fine lines and wrinkles, Sichuan word lines, compact skin.
Stimulate the skin to accelerate the metabolism, play a contraction in the pores of the cell, and make the skin more smooth and smooth.
Remove the melanin in the body, improve the dark yellow and dry skin, and make the skin bright and white.

A nano water =1000 mask

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