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Hydra Needle -

2 in 1 Hyaluronic Acid Pen | Microneedling Derma Pen


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What is Hydra Pen H2 ?
Hydra Pen is a new device for fractional mesotherapy treatment that renews the skin inside and outside. It combines the benefits of Micro-Needling along with automatic infusion or injection of ingredients for immediate skin rejuvenation.
Hydra Pen micro-needles produce micro-damage to the epidermis, which leads to the production of collagen and elastin and enhances cellular renewal. The needles form channels in the skin, which provides the penetration of more than 80% of the product into the skin (with the regular application, only 3-5% of the product is absorbed), this nourishes the skin cells with the necessary substances for its beauty.

How Hydra pen work
The Hydra pen is an automated micro-needling device with a disposable tip cartridge that is made up of 12 micro-needles, which uses proprietary technology to penetrate vertically into the skin. The stamping action of the Dermapen’s vertical tip creates invisible micro-injuries to the skin, while stimulating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and increase the production of new collagen. In doing so, these micro-injuries encourage and harness the body’s innate ability to regrow and repair the skin through normal physiological processes and the skin becomes rejuvenated and refreshed.

Model Hydra Pen H2
Needle Cartrige 3 ml capacity
Speed 4 Levels
Adapter 110-240V , 60-50Hz
Operation Mode Wireless
Plug Type US / UK / EU / AU / Other
N.W 88.7g
G.W 420.5g
Package Size 17*12.3*5.8 cm

Hydra pen Features
1. Atomatic and charging
2. Adjustable Needle length from 0.25mm 0.5mm/1.0mm
3. Adjustable 6 level speed control from 1800rpm to 7000rpm
4. H12/HS Nano/HR Nano needles Tip using 30 gauge Acupuncture Needles to reduce discomfort
5. Digital Motor in Hand-piece
6. Highest quality for medical professionals(Aluminum Housing)
7. Optimal absorption of products
8. Compact and ergonomic design

Hydra pen Main advantages
1. The treatment effect is obvious
2. Short healing time.
3. No permanent damage or injury.
4. No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications.
5. Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients.
6 Almost all skin types can be treated.
7. thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis.

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