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Hydra Needle -

Hydra Needle 20 Micro Needle for home use Korea Skin Care Device Bioactive Special Skin Science

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Hydra needle HN20 new design upgrade!!!
1. Nice look design, more satisfy touch feeling.
2. The new product components are more closely connected, so there is no need to worry about serum leakage and microneedle loss.
3. All in one microneedle derma device with 5 mL serums bottle.
4. There’s five needle length for choice.
5. It’s easy and safety for using at home by self.

Mosquito Needle Derma Roller stimulates collagen production and increases the absorption of skin care products.
But the traditional leather roller is not easy to operate because you have to use another hand or an assistant to help you get the essence on your face.
The new leather roller with bottle will combine micro needles with essence, and automatically import. You don’t need an assistant, you don’t need to go to the clinic for dermal roller treatment, you can do this at home! The needles for household microneedles are much smaller than those in the dermatologist’s office, so they should not be injured.
Automatic Gold Derma Roller is the latest high-tech product, which combines leather rollers and serum imports. After many years of clinical research, engineers use physical principles and 3D design to skillfully make each rolling touch hydraulic unit, so that serum can be automatically exported. Serum will be imported continuously and automatically when rolling, and it will penetrate rapidly and be absorbed effectively through thin tubes made of dermal rolls, so as to achieve whitening, rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation. Remove wrinkles, freckles and other effects. This product has won many patents, humanized design, no need to smear, simple operation, remarkable effect.

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